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Jungleverse is a multiplayer, play-to-earn game launching on the Solana blockchain. You can battle, breed, and earn with your Jungleverse characters, also known as Junglees. There are 30 gen-1 species of Junglees that currently live in the Jungleverse. Each Junglee is a programmatically generated NFT and only a total of 10,000 of them will ever be up for adoption.
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There are 30 species of Junglees that currently live in the Jungleverse. You can breed two different Gen-1 species of Junglees to create a new hybrid species. This newly created Gen-2 species of Junglee will have characteristics of both its parents.

Claim Future Drops

Owning a Junglee gives you exclusive access to claim future Jungleverse drops free of charge.The first of which will be weapons and companions.


Jungleverse will be an ever expanding world where you can use your Junglee to battle other Junglees or fight menacing robots. Level up your Junglee to earn $JUNGLE.

Cost to mint
Change your
We all love to show off our NFTs in our profile picture and that’s why we have created an avatar generator tool that will crop your Junglee to the perfect size and also allow you to add a custom background!
Short term (Q3 2021)
  • Concept and development ✅
  • Gen 1 Character Adoption
  • Claim a Free Weapon
  • Claim a Free Companion
  • Limited Edition Customized Merch (100% profits added to the community wallet)
Mid term (Q4 2021)
  • Jungleverse Breeding & Game Encyclopedia
  • In-house Marketplace
  • Breeding Mechanics Released
  • Battleground Game- Alpha
Long term (2022)
  • Battleground Game- Beta
  • Jungleverse Land
  • Adventure Game


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Purchasing a Junglee is super simple.
● Download the Phantom or Sollet wallet extension for your browser (Google Chrome recommended).
● Buy Solana(SOL) on an exchange like FTX, Binance, Coinbase etc and send it to your Phantom or Sollet wallet Public Address.
● Connect your Wallet to our website by clicking on the Connect button.
● Click the “Adopt” button on https://jungleverse.io/ and approve the transaction in your Wallet.!

There are a total of 10,000 Junglees that are up for adoption.

You can adopt upto 20 Junglees/ transaction

Your Jungleverse NFT artwork will be sent to the wallet you purchased via in a matter of minutes.

5% royalties will be applied to all resales. We will be using these funds for future Jungleverse development.